Extending your Temporary License:

Temporary licenses for cannabis manufacturing that were issued with an effective date of January 1, 2018 will expire on April 30, 2018. Temporary licenses may be extended for 90-day periods if the licensee submits a complete annual license application before the expiration date.

One of the requirements for the annual license application is that Live Scan fingerprinting be completed for each person who qualifies as an “owner” of the business. The ‘Request for Live Scan’ form needed for this process is currently unavailable. CDPH will allow annual license applicants to bypass the Live Scan requirement at this time so temporary licensees can submit the application on time and receive a temporary license extension. All other components of the application, including disclosure of owners, must be entered into the licensing system to qualify for the extension.

No extensions will be granted to temporary licensees who do not submit an annual license application prior to the expiration date on their license. If a manufacturer’s temporary license expires, the business will be required to cease operations until their annual license has been issued, as operating a commercial cannabis business without an active state license is a violation of the law.

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