California Enacts New Marijuana legislation

GOVERNOR JERRY BROWN signed new marijuana legislation on September 11, 2015 that will change the way marijuana is dispensed, cultivated and distributed in California.  The legislation, AB 266, AB 643 and SB 243 will go into effect on January 1, 2016 but will not be fully regulated until 2017.  The legislation has far reaching implications, which include, among other things, […]

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Congress votes to halt DOJ from spending to interfere with state medical marijuana laws

Medical cannabis patients scored another big victory today when the US House of Representatives voted 242 to 186 (the largest Congressional vote for medical cannabis yet) to prevent the Department of Justice from spending any money to interfere in the implementation of state medical cannabis laws.

When approved by the Senate and signed by the President, the amendment by California […]

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New California Marijuana Law

 The Legislature is expected to introduce for consideration Senate Bill 643 which will revise and clarify the law regarding Medical marijuana in California.

The state of the law as it stands now is disjointed and unclear as to dispensaries, growing, manufacturing and licensing. SB 643 will create comprehensive law that will address how Medical Marijuana is dealt with moving forward […]

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    Monthly Mortgage Payments About to Increase for HAMP Recipients

Monthly Mortgage Payments About to Increase for HAMP Recipients

If you received a loan modification under the 2009 Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP), beware!  Your mortgage payments are about to increase.

Earlier this year, the feds issued a quarterly report entitled the Special Inspector General of the Troubled Asset Relief Program, or (SIGTARP), stating that around 782,748 homeowners who participated in HAMP will eventually see their monthly mortgage payments […]

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    Seven Requirements for Running a Lawful California Medical Marijuana Collective

Seven Requirements for Running a Lawful California Medical Marijuana Collective

The Medial Marijuana Program Act (MMPA) provides for a defense against criminal prosecution for someone operating a medical marijuana collective or cooperative in California.  But such business operators must follow a strict set of guidelines in order to stay within the bounds of this law.  A recent California court decision analyzed the important set of guidelines that must be […]

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Are you affected by the National Mortgage Settlement?

Are you affected by the National Mortgage Settlement? 

Do you qualify for a cash payment from your lender as a result of your foreclosure?

Are you struggling to make your mortgage payment and need a loan modification?

Do you wish you could refinance but are too underwater?

In February of this year five of the largest mortgage servicers reached a settlement agreement […]

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Abdallah Law Group – Stopping a Foreclosure

Abdallah Law Group – Stopping a Foreclosure
The attorneys at Abdallah Law Group handle business and real estate matters. We are successful California attorneys who are not afraid of any challenge. For help with issues such as bankruptcies, loan modifications or foreclosures, contact the firm in Sacramento, California at 916.446.1974

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“Robosigning” is a term created and popularized in light of the recent scandals involving the mortgage foreclosure crisis.  As a new term, it does not have an official legal definition, but refers to the process of “mass signing” forged or fraudulent documents relating to mortgage foreclosure.  Notaries have been involved in robosigning by acknowledging the robosigned documents and […]

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California’s Tender Rule

California’s Tender Rule in Foreclosure Suits: Any way around it?

In a nutshell, the “Tender Rule” holds that when a homeowner sues their lender for wrongful foreclosure, they must show that they are ready, willing and able to pay the full amount due on the loan.  Courts have felt that it’s wasteful to rule on wrongful foreclosure claims if the […]

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Stopping a Foreclosure Sale

When a homeowner is facing foreclosure, he may not know what to do to stop the sale even if he believes that he has rights to keep his home.  In some states, foreclosures are done “judicially,” which means the foreclosing party must begin the process in court.  In California, however, homeowners are subject to nonjudicial foreclosures.  This means that […]

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