On February 2, 2016, the Sacramento City Council passed both an amendment to the Planning and Development Code (Title 17 of the Sacramento City Code) to allow cultivation in specified industrial, agricultural and commercial zones, and a moratorium on cultivation.

Last night, Council extended the moratorium on cultivation for an additional 6 months, with the exception of indoor cultivation in residential zones and qualified existing cultivation operations that register with the City.

Additionally, Council extended the registration application deadline to April 14th for those businesses that have been cultivating prior to the date the moratorium was enacted on February 2, 2106 and that are operating in compliance with the state Compassionate Use Act and Medical Marijuana Program.

The completed registration application forms and all required documentation must be submitted by Thursday, April 14, 2016 to the Revenue Manager’s office at 915 I Street, Room 1201, Sacramento, CA 95814. For the purpose of this registration process, the City will keep the cultivation locations confidential to the extent allowed by law.

Please contact me should you have questions about this registration process.